“Florentina Hubaldo, CTE is an epic of salvation and a historical odyssey completed by the tenacity and endurance of Lav Diaz, one of the most important cineastes of today, which strongly demands the audience to remember and reflect the memories of the history by imprinting the life of an individual full of agony. Jo Ji-hoon, JIFF 2012

“This is a beautiful and sad work that shows us why cinema remains important. Lav Diaz’s Florentina
Hubaldo, CTE is a portrait of bare life and suffering. The filmmaker frames the bodies of the powerless
in a landscape in which they endure by either taking care of or exploiting each other. We admire
this work for its storytelling, its compelling visual framing, and its pacing and duration – which are
essential to the meaning of the film.” -Image Festival Jury’s words on Florentina Hubaldo, CTE during the awarding

“A fucking draining film, it takes so much out of you watching it, watching Florentina suffer and a couple of characters engaging in futile searches. There are no easy ways out in this film; even though there’s nothing explicit in its portrayal, the fact that we spend that much time with the characters in their repetitive activities is exhausting.Filipinos may have a short memory, but Lav ensures that we remember.”

Lav isn’t making paintings, he is building mountains.”-Joel Shepard, YBCA programmer living a lifetime. Painful. Beautiful. Needed a walk after. Almost bought a sofa.”– Jean Noh


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